Tuesday, March 15, 2011

these are my people.

Introducing, my Roman. 

I realized the other day that I don't think I have really talked much about my boys. My hubby and my little monkey. I think part of me wants to cling to my baby. I am very protective of him. However, he is my everything. So, I find it fitting that you know a little about him! I am going to be better about just blogging what is on my mind, and what is going on in my everyday life.
And let me tell ya, these two fellows play a BIG part. 

Meet Roman: 

  • 17.5 months old
  • getting his FOURTH tooth! {he's a late bloomer in the tooth department}
  • talks my ears off all day long. some of his favorite words are: car, drink, ball, snack, grandma & grandpa, mommy & dadda, truck, plane, dog, banana, etc. He also does an elephant impression that's to die for. 
  • his favorite song is "What's my name" by Rihanna. He asks to listen to it and has the SWEETEST dance moves. 
  • melts my heart into a million pieces everyday. he is the happiest child i have ever known and can't imagine my life without him. i always dreamed of being a mother and now that I am here, i am happy to say it surpassed my expectations. I could have NEVER imagined this kind of love. he is magic.

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