Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Matte or not to Matte?

Matte lipsticks have been all the rage this year!
They've made a huge comeback. It's very 60's-retro glam.
Here is Drew Barrymore sporting a cheerful pink-matte lipstick.
I love the natural look of this hue on her.
And then we have the lovely Katherine Heigl... Wowza! She has a huge smile!

Katy Perry wearing a super-retro shade of pink.
Totally Barbie-style, if ya ask me.

Or, you can strut EXTREMELY glamorous matte lips like Heidi Klum is doing here.

My thoughts on Matte Lips...
  • Matte lipsticks usually stay put. You don't have to worry so much about bleeding, smearing or the always embarrassing "lipstick on the teeth" incidents.
  • They can be less-dramatic. By using a soft-toned matte lipstick, it really can compliment your natural beauty and skin-tones. It's not as dramatic as a shiny lipstick or gloss.
  • Do they look as kissable as a soft, shiny lip? I wonder if the guys in our lives are more inclined to kissing a glossy or a matte lip.... hmmm....
So friends, let me know what you think!
Have you tried wearing Matte Lipsticks?
If so, did you like it?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For all the Blondes...

A common question my blonde clients bring to me is, "how can I keep my hair nice and cool blonde in between color services?" Often, blondes tend to "yellow-out" after some time, especially if a toner was used originally to counter-act the yellow tones. {Did that all make sense??} Anyway, here is a great solution! This is a violet shampoo. You use every so often in between color services and it totally brightens your brassy blondes back up! I have used several different violet shampoos, and so far UNITE is my favorite!



1. Keeps blondes vibrant and cool toned

2. Enhances shine

3. Keeps the yellow out!

4. This is the best Blonde toning shampoo you will ever use!!

You can buy it on-line at Howard Jones Salon or go to the UNITE website and they can locate a salon near you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Spotted: Summer Hair Trend...

I cannot think of a better, faster, or cuter way
to get your hair off your neck in these high temperatures,
then with a high-bun!

The glorious thing about it, is that is doesn't have to be neat. It's a messy way of doing something so sophisticated! I have been wearing my hair like this a little too much as of late. {Just ask my husband!}
It's just so easy, and requires NO time at all!

Plus, it's a huge celeb. trend right now!
If they can pull it off, we can too!
Whitney Port sports the super-casual bun.

Vanessa Hudgens- sporting a messy\curly version of the look...

And the always classy, Cameron Diaz.
Give this one a try!
You will not regret, my friends!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Blush...

Did anyone see "The Hills" series finale last night?
Well, I did. And L.C. was looking as gorgeous as usual.
Check out her peachy-cheeks in this picture!

Have you ever tried wearing peach blush?
It’s a fresh alternative to rosy blush and looks amazing on all skin tones!
Just lightly apply to the apple of your cheeks.
You can pair with a nude or coral colored lipgloss!

My favorite shade happens to be "Margin" by MAC
Give it a try!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Curly Sue.

Hey Curly-hair readers! Did you guys see Natalie Hill's {from Mormon in Manhattan} post about how to style curly hair? I loved her advise and information! As I am NOT a curly-haired girl, I often feel lost in trying to give my curly-clients advise on styling! Well, it sounds like Natalie knows her stuff!! See what she has to say below!!

i'm a self-proclaimed expert on curl.
i've tried EVERY product and now have a fool-proof mixture and am stopped almost daily for my formula.
*if you have naturally curly hair that is fine (not coarse) this curl concoction may work for you.

1. cut all over layers (or better yet, have someone ELSE do it-i really like rounded layers, though the cut pictured is inverted)

2. if you have a 6-head (six finger forehead) like me, cut bangs to the nose.

3. add mousse, root lifter, and hair spray (in that order) to towel dried wet hair

amplify hairspray
(great for curly AND straight styles/hair)

4. if you are banged, slightly blow dry the bangs with a round roller brush. when ALMOST dry, piece the curls and let dry into bigger prettier curls than they would otherwise dry (if i don't do this, the bangs look a bit tito jackson-ish)

5. allow to AIR DRY.
(diffusing causes frizz and tighter curls than i'd like)

*this potion will create soft (read: NOT crunchy) piece-y curls that are bouncy and frizz-free all day!
6. for more obvious curl definition, get high lights- mine are melted (dark at the root and progressively lighter to the end of the hair).....i'm into them...

happy curling!

You should def. check out her blog! She is awesome. An aspiring actress living in New York City. She was even in a play with Uncle Jesse! {From Full House, of course!} And she does an excellent review of "The Bachelorette" every week!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Salon Day with Meg

Yesterday, I had the privilege of doing the beautiful,
Meg Fee's hair.
Have you seen her blog?
She is such a beautiful person- inside and out.
She has a beautiful way of writing and expressing herself.
You should get to know her!

Anyway, we had a great time chatting
and getting to know one another.
She is living here in Utah for the Summer!
{being JULIET in Romeo & Juliet in Provo}

She even surprised me with this
beautiful bouquet of Sunflowers!
So Sweet!
I am starting a new "series" where I am going to ask some fellow bloggers their top 5 or 10 beauty secrets.
I think I'll have to ask Meg to be a featured guest!!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hands-Down, BEST Eyeliner Ever Made!

Alright, so it's another product plug. You will soon discover how much I seriously love Bobbi Brown. It's too bad I don't get paid by them to rant and rave over their products. I would be rich by now!

I have tried all sorts of things to find the best, most long-lasting eyeliner. Hands-down, this is the best. {In my opinion} And it's available in 17 shades! Here is what the Bobbi Brown website had to say about it...

Award winning

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides on and let’s you get it just right before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease. Now available in Denim. Awarded "Elle" Magazines' ‘Top 5’ (Nov. 2009).

To apply: Dip tip of Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush (coat both sides of brush head). Wipe off excess before applying to eye. Work quickly as product becomes transfer-resistant once dry. To remove, use Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover.
This eyeliner will stay put ALL day long. I took a shower the other day and this stuff didn't go ANYWHERE. Not unless you use soap and water and rub it off. The great thing is that it stays put, but when you WANT it to come off, it's really easy. It's not like nasty water-proof mascara where you have to practically rip your eyelashes off to clean them!

I give this product 5 stars out of 5. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Juicy Candle Alert!

Over the 4th of July weekend, we ventured out to our local Anthropologie. If you know me, you know that if I could move into Anthropologie, I would. I am obsessed with EVERYTHING in that place.

Anyway, I picked up a candle for my Sister, JEN, for her birthday! It smells so ridiculously good. I really had a hard time not buying one for myself too! If I could put the smell of summer in a jar, this would be it!

Just do yourself a favor, buy one.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let's get Nautical, Nautical!

Canvas sling back sandal, Charles David

Vintage striped tote, Coach

Golden brass, resin, and rope necklace

Louis Vuitton visit

{a girl can dream!}

Class One Vivid Blue stainless steel watch

Chaumet, visit
Glacier sunglasses with leather trim

Tommy Hilfiger, $178

Lapis earrings, Helen Yarmak

Happy 4th of July!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

You can buy it on Etsy for $24.00
It's next on my list...