Friday, May 20, 2011

Kid on Christmas.

Hey Friends! It's an exciting time for me. Last night I made a little Bobbi Brown order online. Needless to say, I am going to be waiting VERY anxiously for that package to arrive!! I decided to splurge a little and get their Hydrating Face Cream- which is AMAZING!! 

Here are a couple other things on the list....

So let me give you a few little hints when wanting to buy some Bobbi Brown...

  • If you know what shades you are going for, ordering online is a GREAT way to go. They send out two samples of your choice with your order. So for instance, I will be receiving a free sample of their eye cream with my order this time. As well as some foundation. {Great little perk!}
  • Free Shipping for orders over $65.00- I know, that sounds like kind of a lot to spend on make-up. But lemme tell ya, it adds up quick!! 
  • Sign-up for their e-mails. This week they had a promotion going where if you spent $100.00, you got this whole little eye kit for FREE!! 

So, let's say you don't want to spend $100.00.... you talk to some friends and get them to go in on the order! Split the free goodies- everyone is happy!! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

hints for the hubs.

my personal mother's day wish list...

Stuff for my garden. 

Happy Mother's Day!! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

bright eyes.

Over at Primped they are talking about white eyeliner making a comeback! The first white eyeliner trend that I remember was in like, 7th grade. Everyone was wearing it like you should wear  black eyeliner. NOT a good look. 

Well, white eyeliner is back and looking classy! Look how gorgeous Nikki Hilton looks while sporting her white liner on her lower lids. It instantly makes your eyes and skin look brighter. Here are some tips Primped is sharing on how to pull-off this fresh trend.

Keep the best ’til last: It’s best to wait until you’re about to apply your mascara before tracing along the bottom lash line with white liner. That way, it stops you from going over board with the product and what ever you do, avoid blending it in the corners as it can look too harsh.
Softly Softly: The thing with white eye liner is that unlike a charcoal pencil, it’s meant to look barely-there. To avoid creating a harsh white line, trace along the lower lash line and follow with a cotton tip to gently smudge the liner for softer definition.
Be a Golden Child: It’s best to keep your white liner for days when you’re wearing neutral shadows, like gold and beige as it’s difficult to keep the liner looking soft and subtle when paired against dark, heavy eye shadows. Wearing white liner also cancels out the need to use a shimmery shadow on the inner corners. Bonus!
Say no to the faux: If you’ve recently fake tanned, put your white pencil away for a few days. Fake tan does a stellar job on it’s own of making your teeth and the whites of your eyes look instantly brighter.
Are you going to give this look a try? 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I finally joined the world of modern technology and traded my old flip phone for a new iphone! It's blowing my mind how fun it is! I was scared to even hold it at first, for fear I might drop it! So I immediately went on a hunt for a cute, protective cover. This is the one I got....

I love it so much! It looks really cute against the white on my phone. Nordstrom has lots of cute covers! {who would have thought?}  Here are some other really cute ones that were close behind the pink winner...
 I LOVE this Marc Jacobs one. It's a great choice if you are looking for a more neutral-toned cover. I am just a sucker for color. So in the end, the pink cover beat this one out.
{in honor of "Water for Elephants" which I am going to see tonight!!} 

and of course, the classic favorite from Etsy...
monogrammed phone covers.
These are my all-time favorites, but they are sooo pricey.
Is that worth it to you? How much are you willing to pay for a phone cover?
In any case, these are amazing.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

for the moms.

Mother's day is fast approaching. Have you thought about what to get your Mom this year? 
Here are some great gift ideas...

Dogeared 'Mom' necklace, Coach Poppy, J.CREW gardening tools, Pure & Good Hand Duo, Apron, picture frame 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A bit about health.

Okay friends, I have been wanting to talk about this one for a while now, and today is the day!   A huge part of feeling beautiful is feeling healthy. I have been trying to lose a few pounds since I had Roman and have had some success, and also some failures. Here are a few reasons why it's really go time for me.

1. In approx. 2.5 months, my little brother is getting married. Hello!!! You always want to look your best for a family wedding.... pictures that will be around for the rest of time will be taken. Plus, you will be seeing all your friends and family.

2. We are planning a romantic getaway to Hawaii for our 5-year Anniversary. Right now the thought of a swim-suit sounds less than fun. 

3. Most importantly- just to feel better on a daily basis. 

So this week I decided to really get a head start and try this cleanse that I read about on A Daily Dose of Dieting.  Today is day 3 and I feel like i am doing okay. Find some tips and tricks and read more about the cleanse HERE.