Saturday, March 12, 2011

don't mess with texas.

1. First of all, does anyone else out there watch Friday Night Lights? {or F.N.L. as we lovingly refer to it around our house} Two words: TIM RIGGINS. We started watching it starting with Season 1 in January. It's so dang good. Every night we looked forward to coming home and watching our show. Anyway, it just ended forever on Season 5, so we still are waiting for the final season to come out. 
{the suspense is killing us!} 

2. We have been planning a trip to Texas in June to visit my hubby's BFF.  I was so excited!! 'Specially after watching "F.N.L."... but due to some changes in our life...{more on that later}...{and NOOOO I am not pregnant}... it looks like the trip will have to wait. :( Someday...someday...

#3. Just when I was all hyped up about all this TEXAS stuff, O.P.I. goes out and does it again! Presenting.......

Oh snap! I am loving "Guy Meets Gal-veston", "Don't Mess With OPI",
 & "Houston, we have a Purple."

I am heading to the beauty supply store today... looks like I have some new investments to make!

Clear eyes. Full hearts.
{it's an FNL thing. go watch it. seriously!}
You can check out the series finale promo video HERE. 

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  1. First off, we LOVE Texas. Wade just went for an interview and loved it there. Second... Love the colors...
    Third... DON'T leave me hangin!! "more on that later" Seriously? haha, I love you, hope all is well. And maybe you should call me sometime, I feel like strangers :) Other than I look at your blog everyday :) xoxo