Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning- Starting with me.

Man, the other day it hit me that my hair was starting to look pretty crazy. I honestly started feeling like I was wearing some crazy witch wig! It had gotten soooo long and was in desperate need of a cut. {go figure...}

Anywho, I chopped about 4 or 5 inches off 
and got a fresh new color. 
and lemme tell ya... 
it feels gooooooood.


and 4 inches later...

{Sorry.. not the best pics or lighting...}

It's officially "freshen up for spring" season. 
There is something so renewing about getting a new-do. Every spring I just get this crazy itch to do all-sorts of projects around the house... 

Here are a few things on my "to-do" list:
  • To paint my little man's bathroom. {I have a little man. Have I told you? He is 18 months and the cutest thing you've ever seen.}
  • Finish the "anthro-look-a-like" flower pillow I have been working on.
  • Clean and organize our ridiculous closet.
  • Sweep the garage out.
  • Paint my laundry room and get a new light fixture for it. 
Ooohhhh.... so fun. Pictures coming soon....


  1. Love the new do! You look gorgeous as always.

  2. Love your hair!! You always look pretty to me.

  3. Love it! I did not know your hair was SO LONG! I haven't seen you in what?? YEARS! haha, feels like it :) Anyway, love the new do... now it's my turn, my hair is in need :)