Sunday, February 20, 2011

skirt trend alert.

Have you noticed? Calf- Length skirts are a HUGE trend this spring! They are popping up on red carpets everywhere. I, personally, am in love with this length of skirt.  If anyone knows me, they know I love wearing skirts and dresses and usually prefer them over pants any day. I love a few things about this great trend:

  1. I love how feminine they are. They seem so girly when paired with some great pumps or strappy sandals.
  2. It's so refreshing to see some skin being covered up!! These days it seems like the skimpier, the better! This is proof that you don't have to flaunt yourself to look sexy! 
  3. As a mommy, I love that by wearing a skirt that is a little longer, you don't have to worry about bending over to pick up your screaming chilld on the floor, while flashing your entire congregation at church! {oh believe me, it's happened} - Not to mention wind gusts in the parking lot, kids lifting up your skirt, picking up toys and snacks off the floor, etc. etc. 
Here are a few favorites...

This darling striped Patagonia Skirt is the perfect solution for a warm, summer, 
flip-flop\t-shirt wearing kind of day. 
I think this Black leather version of the calf-length skirt is so great. It's so versatile... you could easily dress it up, or dress it down. 

And last, but not least... I love this grey one. {Florence Midi Skirt} I love the floral buttons. You could pair this skirt with a million different tops.

Looks like I need to go shopping!! 


  1. I love it! But do you think this would work on a short person? I feel like calf length would be like ankle length on me.

  2. i love calf length! Is it still calf length if it is between the bottom of the knee and mid shin? If I go shorter than that my calves look HUGE! They are kind of HUGE! I have to go a tiny bit longer is that still cool? :) (Like the Kiera Knightly sp? picture) that length is good?!?

  3. Kirsten- Yes. This would totally work on a short person. You just need to make sure to wear a heel or wedge shoe with it. That way, you will look taller.

    Suzy- Yes! For sure. I have the same calf problem and I totally know what you mean! I love the Kiera Knightly version!