Thursday, August 5, 2010

I pray i'll look this good in my 40's...

Um... Julia Roberts is absolutely GORGEOUS.
I would die to have those wavy locks.
I love the color too.
I have toyed with the idea of dying
my hair that color for a long time....

What say ye?

  • Do you love Julia Roberts?
  • Do you love her hair and natural beauty as much as I do?
  • Thoughts on red hair?
Oh, and p.s....
Who else is SOOO excited to see
Eat, Pray, Love?


  1. I love red hair... I had it for awhile but didn't like trying to keep it up. It made me look like I was going gray if I had any sort of regrowth. Beautiful color though! <3

  2. i love this blog! great job! julia is adorable. i think she's gotten better with age. you would look great with that same color. although the color you have now looks awesome too. you can pretty much pull off whatever you want and look fabulous!

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  4. I just watched Notting Hill the other day. I have always loved her!