Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Favorite

I am always on the hunt for the BEST mascara. The perfect mixture of smooth, dark, thick and kind to the wallet. One problem of mine is that I have a hard time justifying spending TOO much money on it. Mascara has a pretty short shelf-life, once opened. So I guess I am always on the hunt for an afordable, perfect mascara.

Well, my friends, I may have found my perfect match. A month or so ago, while shopping at Victorias Secret, I stumbled upon their Pro Voluptuous FX Mascara. It was only $12.00 so I decided to give it a try.

Needless to say, I have loved it. Every last ounce of it. I love how dark and thick it is- while not being flaky or too spider-leg-ish. It def. has my stamp of approval. My one word of caution is make sure you get the VOLUPTUOUS one. The brush makes all the difference in mascara application. This brush will give you the thickest looking lashes.

So, I want to know... what is your favorite mascara??
I may be temporarily satisfied... but I can't say that I am sold on this one forever...


  1. I will have to try it... I am always on the hunt as well! I don't mind the one I am using now... but don't especially love it either :)

  2. oh I can't wait to try that one out! I love MAC Zoom Lash but sadly have not bought it for the guilt I put on myself. So I currently use the big orange tub from Cover Girl. Not too shabby, except it gives me black corner eye boogies that aren't always attractive. :)

  3. I think I might have to try it! You always say how much you love it! I think Im ready for something new!

  4. I like L'oreal Lash Out. One time I saw these ladies on KSL that had tried a ton of mascaras and they liked that one the best. I think it works pretty well for what I call "Over The Counter" makeup :)