Monday, July 26, 2010

Spotted: Summer Hair Trend...

I cannot think of a better, faster, or cuter way
to get your hair off your neck in these high temperatures,
then with a high-bun!

The glorious thing about it, is that is doesn't have to be neat. It's a messy way of doing something so sophisticated! I have been wearing my hair like this a little too much as of late. {Just ask my husband!}
It's just so easy, and requires NO time at all!

Plus, it's a huge celeb. trend right now!
If they can pull it off, we can too!
Whitney Port sports the super-casual bun.

Vanessa Hudgens- sporting a messy\curly version of the look...

And the always classy, Cameron Diaz.
Give this one a try!
You will not regret, my friends!


  1. I miss my long hair! I wish I could pull off this classy look! Great idea!

  2. I am such a fan of the high bun!! Love the curly vanessa hudgens version!