Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For all the Blondes...

A common question my blonde clients bring to me is, "how can I keep my hair nice and cool blonde in between color services?" Often, blondes tend to "yellow-out" after some time, especially if a toner was used originally to counter-act the yellow tones. {Did that all make sense??} Anyway, here is a great solution! This is a violet shampoo. You use every so often in between color services and it totally brightens your brassy blondes back up! I have used several different violet shampoos, and so far UNITE is my favorite!



1. Keeps blondes vibrant and cool toned

2. Enhances shine

3. Keeps the yellow out!

4. This is the best Blonde toning shampoo you will ever use!!

You can buy it on-line at Howard Jones Salon or go to the UNITE website and they can locate a salon near you!

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