Monday, July 12, 2010

Curly Sue.

Hey Curly-hair readers! Did you guys see Natalie Hill's {from Mormon in Manhattan} post about how to style curly hair? I loved her advise and information! As I am NOT a curly-haired girl, I often feel lost in trying to give my curly-clients advise on styling! Well, it sounds like Natalie knows her stuff!! See what she has to say below!!

i'm a self-proclaimed expert on curl.
i've tried EVERY product and now have a fool-proof mixture and am stopped almost daily for my formula.
*if you have naturally curly hair that is fine (not coarse) this curl concoction may work for you.

1. cut all over layers (or better yet, have someone ELSE do it-i really like rounded layers, though the cut pictured is inverted)

2. if you have a 6-head (six finger forehead) like me, cut bangs to the nose.

3. add mousse, root lifter, and hair spray (in that order) to towel dried wet hair

amplify hairspray
(great for curly AND straight styles/hair)

4. if you are banged, slightly blow dry the bangs with a round roller brush. when ALMOST dry, piece the curls and let dry into bigger prettier curls than they would otherwise dry (if i don't do this, the bangs look a bit tito jackson-ish)

5. allow to AIR DRY.
(diffusing causes frizz and tighter curls than i'd like)

*this potion will create soft (read: NOT crunchy) piece-y curls that are bouncy and frizz-free all day!
6. for more obvious curl definition, get high lights- mine are melted (dark at the root and progressively lighter to the end of the hair).....i'm into them...

happy curling!

You should def. check out her blog! She is awesome. An aspiring actress living in New York City. She was even in a play with Uncle Jesse! {From Full House, of course!} And she does an excellent review of "The Bachelorette" every week!!

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