Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Just Another Manic Monday...

And you are running late for work. What's a girl to do!?
Ashley Green shows us an easy way to look put together with a simple half-up pony.
So fast, so easy, so cute!!

{and it doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous!}

First, if you have time, I would quickly curl the ends, just to give it that additional look.

Second, backcomb the top section to give it that slight volume on top. Once finished, lightly comb back, and smooth the top layer back. {hairspray is very helpful here!} Get your section and secure loosely with an elastic band. I would use a light smoothing creme to smooth away any flyaways, and make it a smooth look.

Next, as you are securing in the elastic band, flip the hair around a couple of times to create the "loose bun" effect. The idea with this hairstyle is to create a relaxed, but sophisticated loose, half-up bun\pony!

I think she does a great job pulling it off here at the premier of
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

{p.s. I am LOVING her hair color! So gorgeous!}

Give this look a try! And let me know what you think...

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  1. Lisa! Cute blog! I love it! I am following you and I added you to my blog list! You're so cute and creative! Keep it up!