Sunday, June 27, 2010

In honor of Summer...

I thought it would be appropriate to do a
"Top 5 must-haves for any beach or pool day."

So, let's get right to it with #1:
SPF 20
I had the opportunity of experimenting with all sorts of products, including SkinCeuticals, while I worked at a day spa for several years. SkinCeuticals proved itself in being a great facial sunscreen. It contains Zinc Oxide with provides protection from those harmful UVA\UVB rays. It works great under make-up and is fragrance free!
Don't even get me started on how important it is to wear sunscreen.
ESPECIALLY on our beautiful faces!
{you DO know, don't you??}
Next up,
Alright, this is just the beginning of my love and obsession for Pureology.
This product is a definite must-have for not only Summer, but all through-out the year!
This light and airy spray is best used before sun and environmental exposure.
{or before blow-drying}
It contains Pureology's Anti-Fade complex, which protects and prolongs the color of your hair.
It contains soymilk, which reconstructs and nourishes hair, and also biotin with helps strengthen the weak areas. Please, oh please, take my word...
this is a definite must-have!!
#3... Good ol'
Well, I feel like Burt's Bees is old news.
So, I will just say that it is, and always will be, a fantastic lip balm.
This one happens to have an SPF 8 in it.
A few featured ingredients:
Passion Fruit Extract: Soothes and Nourishes
Titanium Dioxide: has a white pigment to reflect light, so it's basically a natural sunblock!
{and heaven knows we need those lips to be kissable on a hot summer night!}
Next up, a HOT nail color, of course!
So much of the beach\pool is looking good.
Let's face it!
So I like to make sure I have a nice, bright color against my sun-kissed skin.
O.P.I is one of my favorite brands.
This one is OPI OPI on Collins Ave.
{you should check out their new summer line called "Summer Flutter."}

And last, but certainly not least,
a great hat.
Hats are so essential for any day out in the sun.
Not only do they look cute, but they also offer additional protection from the sun, and can cool you down by giving your face some much-needed shade.
I am loving this one by J.Crew.
It's their Crochet bucket hat. $36.50
Oh J.Crew, how I love you...
Happy Summer!!

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