Tuesday, June 29, 2010

...Hold the Phone!!

A fantastic discovery has just been made!
I may be late in discovering this, but I just have to share!

So, yesterday, my friend Kirsten and I,
adventured out to explore our local
Sephora & Nordstrom for the latest beauty finds.

While paying for my latest make-up purchase, {more on that later}
There it was on the counter....
Now let me tell you, a few weeks ago, my friend Stacy smelled so
wonderful when I saw her at a party. I asked her what she was wearing
and she lifted up her arms and said, "it's my deodorant."
Ever since then, this item has been on my radar!!
Needless to say, I was very excited... maybe more than I should be about buying deodorant. It seems to work really well as far as preventing sweaty pits.
Beware: If you use this product, you will not be able to stop smelling your armpits all night long and people will give you weird looks...

not that I was doing that or anything...
Anyway, I give this product a double thumbs up!

{$12 at Nordstrom}


  1. Yummy! I lOvE Cashmere Mist!

  2. I am totally wanting to go back and get it. You'll have to let me know if it holds up during a tennis match.

  3. Oh my gosh I love the Juicy Tube!!! I cant believe you didnt do this earlier!! I want the mist, I remember stacy's armpits did smell really good! Maybe I'll come take a couple sprays of yours first and see if i like it!;)

  4. Serious?! I'm sooo getting this! I love love love good smelling pits! Don't we all?! This blog is so fun!

  5. Lisa, loving your blog you beauty queen, you. Thanks for the fun tips, I'll have to give this a try. Nothing like good smelling pits!

  6. Lisa, cute blog! What a good idea. I never like any deoderant I try so I decided to try it and you are right, it is the best! I smell good all the time no matter what and it is so soft. Good find!