Friday, December 10, 2010

And while we're at it...

Have I told you about my favorite thing when it comes to doing my nails?

If there is one thing I am not good at- it's holding still. So it's no surprise that I LOVE this amazing spray by O.P.I. called "Rapidry."

You just spray it on about 30 seconds after applying your nail polish and your nails will be dry in the blink of an eye!

... Okay, maybe not that fast.
But is seriously does make your nails dry to much more quickly than normal. It is a really great product that I highly recommend!


  1. Ooh I like this tip! I have a nail question for you... what is a good clear coat nail polish for nails without color. I like to just put a clear coat on my fingernails but every one I have tried crackles and comes off by the second day. Any good ideas?

  2. Linds- I would maybe just suggest using a base coat first. By putting on a base coat, it will give that top coat something to hang onto. I really love O.P.I. {as I am sure you can tell.} They have a great base and top coat. Try that? Thanks for reading. :)