Thursday, May 5, 2011

bright eyes.

Over at Primped they are talking about white eyeliner making a comeback! The first white eyeliner trend that I remember was in like, 7th grade. Everyone was wearing it like you should wear  black eyeliner. NOT a good look. 

Well, white eyeliner is back and looking classy! Look how gorgeous Nikki Hilton looks while sporting her white liner on her lower lids. It instantly makes your eyes and skin look brighter. Here are some tips Primped is sharing on how to pull-off this fresh trend.

Keep the best ’til last: It’s best to wait until you’re about to apply your mascara before tracing along the bottom lash line with white liner. That way, it stops you from going over board with the product and what ever you do, avoid blending it in the corners as it can look too harsh.
Softly Softly: The thing with white eye liner is that unlike a charcoal pencil, it’s meant to look barely-there. To avoid creating a harsh white line, trace along the lower lash line and follow with a cotton tip to gently smudge the liner for softer definition.
Be a Golden Child: It’s best to keep your white liner for days when you’re wearing neutral shadows, like gold and beige as it’s difficult to keep the liner looking soft and subtle when paired against dark, heavy eye shadows. Wearing white liner also cancels out the need to use a shimmery shadow on the inner corners. Bonus!
Say no to the faux: If you’ve recently fake tanned, put your white pencil away for a few days. Fake tan does a stellar job on it’s own of making your teeth and the whites of your eyes look instantly brighter.
Are you going to give this look a try? 


  1. I wore white eyeliner in college. LOL. I loved it and I'm glad to see it's back. I've got to hit the drugstore...

  2. Oh man, I loooved the white eyeliner! We'd use wet n wild! That was about the same time that we were all obsessed with those Silvers overalls of Erin's! :)

  3. Ha ha!! I loved those overalls, they were my faves!! I like this idea of the brightening on the bottom, Im definately going to try it. I wear a ton of beiges and blushes too so it should go with my look!:)

  4. ha ha... so funny. Hey- those silver overalls weren't that bad... remember the jean pants\jean jacket combo? And wearing tall socks with those blue sneakers?