Thursday, September 16, 2010

I DIE. {In the words of R.Z.}

Okay, so I get Rachel Zoe's e-mails, "The Zoe Report." The latest one was about these UH-MAZING shoes by Calvin Klein. She talks about still wearing white after Labor Day... a do or a don't?? Well, obviously with these shoes it's a do.

But I wonder how many people would ACTUALLY wear shoes like this out on the town? How many of us are brave enough to try sky-high platforms??I would like to say I would wear these with the right outfit... but it's easier said then done. So my question for you is, would you dare??

p.s. sorry i've been missing for a while. do you ever feel like you are just barely surviving each week? holding on for dear life? that's how I have felt lately. so naturally, the blog gets a nice warm seat on the back burner. but I THINK I am coming back.

...slowly, but surely...


  1. I really love this blog and I hope you keep updating it :) I also LOVE Rachel zoe. I didn't know she sent out emails. I would never wear shoes like that. But you should :)

  2. I love Rachel Zoe! I think I would have worn those shoes in my younger crazy years : ) Now I'm a boring mom that wears flats everday, but maybe with the right outfit!

  3. I would wear them if they weren't platforms! Cause I think the shoe part is super cute... platform part....not so much :) haha!

  4. LOVE RACHEL ZOE!!! I do have to say though... I would never wear those shoes. I consider myself a pretty fashion forward person, maybe it is just I am already 6 feet tall, I don't know, but I am just not into the huge platform look...
    P.S. Glad you are back! <3

  5. The shoes are a little "tranny." Def. VERY high. But If they were a shorter heel, I would be all over those bad boys!

  6. I too am a big fan of Rachel Zoe! I would never wear those shoes though, why... Im too tall already and you cant run after a toddler in those bad boys!